Swords of Legends has been announced to be coming to Europe!

The game i have been most excited about and have been following it for quite a while! (see the other news article below, dating from 2019)

This means, Cupcake Thunder is returning!

Some facts:
- The game is not build to be pay2win, and is a large success in China.
- Gameforge -promised- the same formula. a Buy2play game, no subscriptions, no ingame cash store that has gameplay-altering items.
- Since I am engaged with a wonderful woman, I cannot create a semi-hardcore guild. I simply lack the time for this. Therefore I am creating a casual guild with simple rules:
  1. Be active ingame and on our discord server.
  2. Help the guild progress ingame, and help fellow teammates.
  3. Appriciate both PVE & PVP.
For the rest, expect the same cupcake thunder vibes as before, but probably a lot less competitive compared to hardcore guilds.

If you are new, head towards the About Us page, to read about our past commitments to games we played.

Hope to see you in SOLO! And do enjoy the new wallpaper that i put on the website for random rotation.

Click here to join our Discord:
Hey there cupcakes, copycats, fans and enemy's. It's been a while since I posted here.

I'm both sad and happy to report that we are still slumbering and waiting for a new game to play.

Meanwhile I'm still in contact with some core cupcakers and hopefully we will be able to play a new proper mmorpg soon..

Games I have my eye on:
1. Legend of the Ancient Sword Online/Swords of Legends
2. Justice online
3. Moonlight Blade Online
4. Blue Protocol
5. Age of Wushu 2 - no lolis
6. JX3 Remake

Stay in touch through our private discord!

With Love,

Thanks for being with me and Cupcake Thunder.

It was a wild and fun ride. Top 35 guild in Revelation Online and always on the top page of Join guild lists with our prosperity rankings.
Unfortunatly our guild couldn't offer what most wanted, and therefore we all made the descision of continueing our time in Revelation Online under Resurgence. As a guild leader it was my absolute pleasure leading, and i learned a couple of things should i want to pick up leading again in the future (wich is what i enjoy the most in mmorpg's).

In the mean time many other players reconise the fun that we had once and we have many guilds under our logo and name in Wildstar, Black Desert, Tera EU and Tera RU.

Thanks for choosing Cupcake Thunder.
Our website and teamspeak will remain open, ready for the next Cupcake journey.

(but honestly, no new game on the horizon interests me)


[​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

We are go for merging!
Upcoming wednesday 20:00 CET i'd like to gather up to make some final screenshots at the guild base, after wich we are welcomed into the guild Resurgence to continue our journey's in the world of Nuanor.

Going into details:
After the screenshot event you will all be given the link to fill in a google application form, be given a discord join link and can then apply to the Resurgence guild ingame. You all have until saturday 19:00 CET to do this. After this point i will remove everyone exept an alt character of Konijntje from the guild.
Intructions on how to join will then also be given on discord and this post will be editted with the information as well.

NOTE: You will lose 20% fealty points upon leaving the guild. Spend some fealty at cultivation or the treasury of the guild base or take the loss.

A little word by Konijntje:
I have mixed thoughts about merging. I feel this is going to be a great guild for everyone and fits our playstyle very well. However as leader of the guild Cupcake Thunder its sad to come to the descision of merging to please a large amount of players in the guild. I get most of my enjoyment in mmorpg's from leading as i love to see a guild prosper and be successfull but unfortunatly i couldn't make it happen, just like in black desert. I think that if i will decide to lead again in a possible future game, i will not be forgiving guild leader anymore and will become more strict towards slackers as i feel this was the main reason of failure in both games, plus the lack of recruits wich is about luck as well.
I'm really sad it had to come down to this, but i'm on the other side happy to have a bit more "relaxed" time in the game and more time for other hobbys and @Bunnychan ofcource.
I'm still glad that even when we couldn't meet the goals of our hardcore players that our teamspeak was always very alive and all members always came to hosted events.
Together we had a great time and laughter and i will miss that dearly and at least hope to continue this on the discord of Resurgence.

In the meantime Cupcake Thunder at least reached number 35 of top guilds and were always in page 1 or 2 of the Join Guilds list.

~Thank you everyone for the ride!~

I want people to be more active within the guild soon.

  • People need to do their guild dailies so they get exp and progress themselfs, but also so the guild progresses.
  • Furthermore i want everyone be able to donate to the guild per weekly basis. Donate 20k per week to the guild OR do a weekly guild merchant run. How to do a guild merchant run can be seen in the guild info channel on teamspeak, or you can simply ask on teamspeak how. Please note to warn a officer or Konijntje when you did the run, so we can administrate the run done by you and count you for furfilling your weekly task for donation.
  • Lastly people need to come to teamspeak more.
All the above points were made clear when you accepted the guild rules and thus should not be any problem.
We will start being more strict this week actually. I will check the people who did not do what we expect of them and ask them to change. If this cannot then get better on the next week, we will ask them to find a different guild to suit their needs.

As always for any questions and concerns you can contact me.