Everyone who has purchased a Founder's pack gets invited to the second alpha weekend, starting from October 16th!
You can predownload the client here

The guild has joined the Crimson Legion, so be sure to pick the right faction when you get your quest around lvl 5.
If you've picked the wrong one, there is an NPC at Jadestone Village where you can change your faction.

So be on the lookout for an email from The Blade & Soul Team. In there you will find your access code, your download link and the dates/times of the Alpha weekend.

Please be there! During this time we will talk on teamspeak about each other plans, talk about how the alpha experience was and about random other stuff.

To see the event time in your user set timezone, see the main Calender page(not the event itself, they are CET). Click Here for the event link.
Yes boys and girls, it's true... Blade & Soul has just announced that the first ever western Closed Beta Test will be held on October 30th!
Get your energy drinks, chips/crisps and cancel all your plans - because you'll be busy that weekend! :D

The beta weekends will all run from Friday at 10am PDT to Monday at 10pm PDT.

Weekend 1: Oct 30–Nov 2 [NA servers]
Weekend 2: Nov 13–16 [EU servers]
Weekend 3: Nov 24–30 [EU servers]
Weekend 4: Dec 11–14 [EU servers]
Weekend 5: Dec 18–21 [EU servers]

If players don’t purchase a Founder’s Pack there will limited opportunities to gain access through the official beta signup on the Blade & Soul website. We’ll also have additional chances through beta code giveaways via official Blade & Soul social channels, as well as offers from participating partners—stay tuned for more info!
Also be sure to watch our livestream September 9 at 10am PDT over on for more info on the closed beta, and what to expect while testing.

Thursday 10/8 @ 12 PM CET
Thursday 10/15 @ 6 PM CET
Thursday 10/22 @ 6 PM CET
Thursday 10/29 @ 12 PM CET

For those wondering - 10 AM PDT is 5 PM GMT (UK) and 6 PM Central European Time.