Hi all my fellow Cupcakes!


I just created a new thread where we can show each other our countryside. Feel free to drop pictures!

All hail the mighty Cupcakes!

*Trumpet Sound*

Congratulations Epilogia for returning to the officer's duty!
And we also got Azuredragon starting officer trial! (wich will really start when game gets released)

Thanks for helping me in managing Cupcake Thunder!
Hello cupcakes and thanks for coming to this guild meeting.

Here's the speech i gave this evening before the introductions :)

Beta is coming very soon and i'd like everyone who can to play together with the guild.
Test, evaluate and explore all the classes you are interested in and make sure you have a main character for when the game gets released.
This is because beta is for exploring, taking it easy, getting to know the storyline etc. Because when the game comes out we will put in a timeframe where we expect people to reach a certain level, because again we are not a casual guild but a semi-hardcore/semi-casual guild. Dont worry though, the timeframe will be friendly to people will full time jobs.
I'm not gonna go hardcore on beta's because there will be more then 1 beta's so i dont have to do everything over again, but the day before beta i expect everyone to start using teamspeak and hang out with your guildies as teamspeak will be our main communication platform. I will be using teamspeak and hanging out there starting tommorow. So all in all....get hyped up and take your time in upcoming beta but please- together with your guild on teamspeak.
Remember we are Cupcake Thunder, a semi-hardcore social family guild that wants to be competive in end-game.

I'm also still looking for a candidate for officer.
While i can manage a guild on my own its quite a bit of work and i'd prefer to split that up a little bit ^^
An officer is basicly an extension of the guild master. You also help recruit, set the right example and do administration paperwork where needed.
If you're interested in that contact me and we can talk about in private.

Thanks for reading and coming to our event! See you in beta and on teamspeak :D
Hello there Cupcake Revelations members!
The wait for the beta is almost over, and time for this guild to awake from slumbering is near!
We just received our 20th member and because beta is upcoming soon, i would like to host a introductions day for the guild.

During this day we will gather up on teamspeak to listen to some words by me, followed up by a introduction's event. Everyone will have the chance to introduce him/herself to the guild and answer some questions if asked.

The event will be hosted on your date of choice.
See the following link and make your choice!

TL;DR: Buying a value pack is mainly stepping into the blind since many details are not known yet!

Now to run down the value of these packs can be quite difficult since there is something as "personal style" and everyone has their own view on how much something is worth.

I will run down these packs to my own neutral opinion not being biased as a exited player (wich i am :p)

Closed beta accesss= people sometimes buy these on ebay etc so they definatly hold a bit of value. Since alot people want in, i'l rate the value for about 5 dollar, and is what i would also maximum pay for it.

Early access= It's kind of sad isn't saying for how much hours or days this headstart is, and therefore hard to put a value to it, but lets also mark it 5 dollar for now.

Premium account: Hard value for money. usually 14 dollar each and i'l mark it as such.... Even though we are not sure yet what premium contains, its usually pretty good in any mmorpg.

Costumes and mounts: These are the most tricky. Dont like the blackthorn outfit or flying a cat? Then there is really nothing of value why you should buy the most expensive pack. Costumes are also very different in price spread over different mmorpg's. To my opinion the costumes are worth around 15-20 dollar each and a mount the same since normal mounts barely hold any value ingame. Just vanity.

Scrolls= also something personal, but at least we're able to put value to this by thinking and looking at other mmo's and then slap a price to it. I'd say these are seperate additions to premium packs and are worth about 5 dollar per 30 days.

Wings= Now i do not know the value of wings yet, if these are cosmetic as a "costume" or if these are a real "finished" item with benefits.

Explorer Pack – $17.99

  • Closed Beta Test Access ====== 5 dollar.
  • Early Access ====== 5 dollar.
  • Premium Account (30 Days) ====== 13 dollar.
  • Unique “Revelation Explorer” Title ====== 0 dollar. (heavy personal)
  • Imperial Livery Outfit ====== 15 dollar. (heavy personal)

Founder Pack – $59.99

  • Closed Beta Test Access ====== 5 dollar.
  • Early Access ====== 5 dollar.
  • Premium Account (60 Days) ====== 26 dollar.
  • Unique “Revelation Founder” Title ====== 0 dollar. (heavy personal)
  • Imperial Livery Outfit ====== 15 dollar. (heavy personal)
  • Scroll...