I want people to be more active within the guild soon.

  • People need to do their guild dailies so they get exp and progress themselfs, but also so the guild progresses.
  • Furthermore i want everyone be able to donate to the guild per weekly basis. Donate 20k per week to the guild OR do a weekly guild merchant run. How to do a guild merchant run can be seen in the guild info channel on teamspeak, or you can simply ask on teamspeak how. Please note to warn a officer or Konijntje when you did the run, so we can administrate the run done by you and count you for furfilling your weekly task for donation.
  • Lastly people need to come to teamspeak more.
All the above points were made clear when you accepted the guild rules and thus should not be any problem.
We will start being more strict this week actually. I will check the people who did not do what we expect of them and ask them to change. If this cannot then get better on the next week, we will ask them to find a different guild to suit their needs.

As always for any questions and concerns you can contact me.

Guild Meeting is upcoming!

I'd like to invite everyone for a guild meeting the upcoming wednesday 21:00 CET where we will discuss the guild's future and talk about our hardcore player base that is currently together with a more "relaxed" player base, and how we will mix this together successfully or seperate ourselfs.
I'd like to hear everyone's opinions and options.

See you upcoming wednesday at 21:00 CET!
In dark times and good times, Konijntje and Bunnychan would like to spend their upcoming days together with each other.

Thats why you are all invited to join our marriage upcoming saturday 19:45 CET.

Furthermore, after the marriage it is time for some world boss hunting!

We will start the raid at 19:45 and begin the marriage at 20:00, followed up by world boss hunting.

See you then!
Time for a Hide & Seek & Screenshot Event!

Upcoming Sunday 20:00 CET its time to gather around and play Hide & Seek!
During this event everyone gathers up at the guild base, to then get 5 minutes of exploration time. After the exploration time everyone goes back to the castle, and every member of the guild will then hide one by one where the rest of the raid looks for this person. As soon as you touch the hiding player you call it out on teamspeak and we stop the event. Note that wings are not allowed to be used during this event. Team co-ordination is key. Work together to find the hiding players.

First place winner of the event will receive 15k imperial coins.

After the Hide & Seek event its time for a little screenshot event where i want to take screenshots with everyone in the guild. I only expect this to last about 10 minutes.

See you then!