CCT is returning to just-announced Swords of Legends Online!

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By Konijntje on Apr 9, 2021 at 5:35 PM
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    Swords of Legends has been announced to be coming to Europe!

    The game i have been most excited about and have been following it for quite a while! (see the other news article below, dating from 2019)

    This means, Cupcake Thunder is returning!

    Some facts:
    - The game is not build to be pay2win, and is a large success in China.
    - Gameforge -promised- the same formula. a Buy2play game, no subscriptions, no ingame cash store that has gameplay-altering items.
    - Since I am engaged with a wonderful woman, I cannot create a semi-hardcore guild. I simply lack the time for this. Therefore I am creating a casual guild with simple rules:
    1. Be active ingame and on our discord server.
    2. Help the guild progress ingame, and help fellow teammates.
    3. Appriciate both PVE & PVP.
    For the rest, expect the same cupcake thunder vibes as before, but probably a lot less competitive compared to hardcore guilds.

    If you are new, head towards the About Us page, to read about our past commitments to games we played.

    Hope to see you in SOLO! And do enjoy the new wallpaper that i put on the website for random rotation.

    Click here to join our Discord:
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Discussion in 'Guild News & Announcements' started by Konijntje, Apr 9, 2021.