[Apr 5, 2017] [EVENT] Screenshot time & go for merging (Revelation Online)

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By Konijntje on Apr 2, 2017 at 5:30 PM
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    We are go for merging!
    Upcoming wednesday 20:00 CET i'd like to gather up to make some final screenshots at the guild base, after wich we are welcomed into the guild Resurgence to continue our journey's in the world of Nuanor.

    Going into details:
    After the screenshot event you will all be given the link to fill in a google application form, be given a discord join link and can then apply to the Resurgence guild ingame. You all have until saturday 19:00 CET to do this. After this point i will remove everyone exept an alt character of Konijntje from the guild.
    Intructions on how to join will then also be given on discord and this post will be editted with the information as well.

    NOTE: You will lose 20% fealty points upon leaving the guild. Spend some fealty at cultivation or the treasury of the guild base or take the loss.

    A little word by Konijntje:
    I have mixed thoughts about merging. I feel this is going to be a great guild for everyone and fits our playstyle very well. However as leader of the guild Cupcake Thunder its sad to come to the descision of merging to please a large amount of players in the guild. I get most of my enjoyment in mmorpg's from leading as i love to see a guild prosper and be successfull but unfortunatly i couldn't make it happen, just like in black desert. I think that if i will decide to lead again in a possible future game, i will not be forgiving guild leader anymore and will become more strict towards slackers as i feel this was the main reason of failure in both games, plus the lack of recruits wich is about luck as well.
    I'm really sad it had to come down to this, but i'm on the other side happy to have a bit more "relaxed" time in the game and more time for other hobbys and @Bunnychan ofcource.
    I'm still glad that even when we couldn't meet the goals of our hardcore players that our teamspeak was always very alive and all members always came to hosted events.
    Together we had a great time and laughter and i will miss that dearly and at least hope to continue this on the discord of Resurgence.

    In the meantime Cupcake Thunder at least reached number 35 of top guilds and were always in page 1 or 2 of the Join Guilds list.

    ~Thank you everyone for the ride!~
[EVENT] Screenshot time & go for merging
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