It's official! NA characters will be copied to EU!
Character Copy Details
While all pertinent character progress and items will be copied, the following things will not be copied to the European servers:
  • Daily Dash Progress
  • Purchase History
  • Any Pending Sales on the Marketplace and Currency Exchange
  • Any characters queued for deletion
  • Any unclaimed items in your Mailbox
Thanks everyone for coming!

For more screenshots, see the gallery :)
Lets get together and feel alright!.... I mean, lets get together and make some screenies about us as guild! Event suggested by Ajox. Linky:

To see the event time in your user set timezone, see the main Calender page(not the event itself, they are CET). Click Here for the event link.
To advertise our guild ingame we need some silver. it would be cool if everyone can get around 10-30 silver and give it to the guild at end of alpha phase. so that at beta we can begin to recruit ingame as well.

When the game really launches i want to upgrade the guild asap to level 2 to advertise, but afterwards we gonna take it easy with upgrading until most players reached the highest level.

EDIT: GOAL ACHIEVED! However: we still need 10 faction insignia's... lets get them this sunday!

EDIT 2: we are level 2 now. we need to repeat this process on europe so please make sure you have like 10-30 silver before europe beta launches :)
Quiet showed me some info from the alpha forums, where NCSoft announced they were making a tool to once switch your character over from NA to Europe, as soon as the Europe servers would launch.
This means we can all stay playing together during the whole beta period :)

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