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Your clothes don’t determine your fighting ability, but can influence how the world around you reacts to your presence.

While a martial artist relies on their physical prowess, mastery of their skills, and control of the elements around them, their clothes aren’t entirely purposeless. While clothing doesn’t impart anything to combat ability, both visual aesthetic and symbolism of what the clothing represents can be important.




The outfits you wear will have no effect on your abilities, but some do have additional attributes. First, you must be wearing an outfit in order to gain the benefits from your Soul Shield. Beyond that, certain costumes can also represent your allegiance to a faction, and donning such an outfit will flag you for attack by those of the opposing faction. While your blue or red PvP costume will show you’re either fighting for the Cerulean Order or the Crimson Legion, there are other, regional factions you’ll come across during your travels. By wearing their clothes you can influence the faction’s members—and their enemies—to react to you in a different way. This can come in handy if you’re being sent to infiltrate an enemy stronghold. But your allegiance is not bound to these regional factions. You can easily obtain the costumes belonging to each regional faction, and choose to wear them at any point.


The Wardrobe feature (F3) allows you to browse all of the costumes available within the game—including ones for the Summoner’s Familiar—preview their appearance on your character, and even tells you where they can be obtained. It also serves as a storage closet where you can keep the costume looks you’ve already obtained, and quickly swap to different outfits. Some outfits are just torso coverings, like shirts and pants, while others might also include a matching head item, like a hat or mask....

Premium Membership Benefits Announced!
It does not work the same as a normal game membership. To see at what rank you start, you have to check the founder's pack page and know what pack you bought. If you do not have a founder's pack, you start at rank 1 after your premium month purchase.

We do not yet know how much premium points it takes to go higher up in rank, but it's nice that you cannot lose your rank. So if you paid for alot of days or ingame coin, you keep the rank, even if you decide to stop paying for a membership. if you return to the game at a later date and pay again: you are back at the rank where you left.
Welcome everyone!

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Everyone who has purchased a Founder's pack gets invited to the second alpha weekend, starting from October 16th!
You can predownload the client here

The guild has joined the Crimson Legion, so be sure to pick the right faction when you get your quest around lvl 5.
If you've picked the wrong one, there is an NPC at Jadestone Village where you can change your faction.

So be on the lookout for an email from The Blade & Soul Team. In there you will find your access code, your download link and the dates/times of the Alpha weekend.