While we have a whopping 45 members currently, it is sad that a handful of those people barely come to teamspeak. I don't blame them because the game isn't live/launched yet, but this situation does give us the chance to get to know more people since the "club" we have now is pretty awesome and knows each other a bit already.
Note that because this is beta i'm not making a point out of it, but when the game goes live you can expect me and officers to scare you away from real life to make you play BnS with us on teamspeak. We will kick inactive players. Inactive goes for both ingame and teamspeak.

Anyway, we are opening the guild again. I am opening up for 5 to 7 people. Then we are closing again- and probaly until launch. I would like these people to be quite social and join us on ts3 even before game launch and just like to chill in a social group as we are. After this amount of 50-52 is reached, i will still accept ex-tera members from cupcake thunder(unlikely to join) but not anyone else.
So take your chance and contact me now through teamspeak, on this site or through an "contact us" form.
31 days ago(and 2 hours) i made the welcome topic on this website to welcome everyone to the new website.
The bug fixing has gone great and today(actually 10mins ago) we fixed one of the more annoying bugs this site had, the event timezone bug.
As of now, both the calendar view as the event itself will adapt itself to show when the event is in your timezone. So no more calculating or checking to see when the event will be held. This is really convenient.
And also good news for the officers and me, its easier for us now to create events and topics and its not cumbersome anymore.
  • Here are some stats, that belong to these celebrations! :)
- Including this new newspost, we now have 954 forum messages and 188 discussions.
- We have a magical 69 members. Awesome to have that number together with a month existance of the new site.
- We have 46 guild members.
- We have already 52 photo's uploaded onto our amazing gallery system.
- We have 283 pages of the chat blabbered full of golden nonsense <3 every page is 100 messages. So a total of 28400 messages in the chat and counting.

If you want to receive push notifications or a clean and (very) minimalistic way of browsing our website, you can now install tapatalk for android/iOS and receive push notifications! I get the notifications around 5 minutes after the message was actually send, but its quite handy to have besides having email :)
If you want to use this feature for minimalistic browsing(although our mobile site is WAY better) and/or for push notifications, then follow the guide below:

Thanks for voting everyone! Saturday was winning with 1 vote, but i changed my own vote from saturday to sunday, because its probaly a bit better for myself after all. So all guild meetings will take place on sundays 8pm. (but starts after game launch) Sorry for those who can not be there, but im sure there are people that want to carry your idea or opinion and give you a recap of what has been told afterwards. Obviously we also have a amazing website for your questions as well should you have them.
The next poll will be one we had before and is about what founder's pack you bought. But since we have a whopping 46 members(!) currently, it's about time we asked again.

Here is the thread with the new poll, or just browse down the news page and you will see it as well.

If you are still doubting what founder pack to purchase, i have written a guide for you here:
I am looking for some people a bit skilled in paintshop and similar to help me design some nice background images for the site. So we have some backgrounds randomly fading on the background. I plan to have the logo of blade & soul imprinted on them, to show the game we play. it will create a nice effect.
If some people can help me with this, it would be greatly appriciated :)