How to get Push Notifications working on our website!

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    Cupcake Thunder now has Tapatalk. Besides offering a minimalistic and clean way to browse our site, our mobile website through your browser is probaly 100x times better. (if not more)

    But the main deal of having tapatalk, means we can now offer push notifications besides email notifications! To enable push notifications, complete the steps below...

    Noob Friendly Push Notifications Tutorial:

    1- Install "Tapatalk" from the google play store(android) or the App Store(iOS).

    2. Click Next when you open the app. On iOS it will immediatly promt you to send push notifications. Obviously- ENABLE/ALLOW IT. If you accedently pressed no you can manually enable this in settings or just re-install the app.

    3. Click "Add a forum or blog".

    4. Search for "Cupcake Thunder" and select the + at the right side of our website.

    5. Click "Next" at the bottom of the app.

    6. Dont allow the app to use your location if it now asks you(it will on iOS). Unless you want to use a feature that you probaly dont need lol.

    7. Click the "3bar" icon in the upper right corner of the app and then click the Login. Then use the manual login to our site with your username and password. the above "Sign up to tapatalk" is DISABLED.

    8. Now tapatalk promts you to make a tapatalk user if you dont have one already. login or sign up.

    9. Now you have it working. To confirm you get push notifications and to edit wich ones you want to receive, click in the buttom right corner of the app on "Me" and then "push notifications". Then under "Site specific settings" there is Cupcake Thunder. Click it, and enable and disable wich you want to get notifications from.

    10. You can now close the app and get delayed push notifications. (5mins in my experience)
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