Guild Meeting Recap!

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By Konijntje on Feb 19, 2017 at 8:11 PM
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    Thanks everyone for coming to our guild meeting!

    Im looking forwards playing the game with all of you soon! <3

    Here are the points i have talked about during our guild meeting:

    - Me as guild master. I have a full job now consisting out of 5 working days so definatly need some officers who help me manage things now, so please contact me if interested in helping the guild.
    Since i still have small other hobbys like cosplay im not sure things will work out for a full 100% with the time i have remaining and with the current leadership setup.
    I hope to find a co-leader maybe who can help me manage things and more officers!

    - Server we will be setting sail to, is Moonsea.

    - Early Access Starts in 8 days. Focus will be to create the guild ASAP, unfortunatly i have full working days so we cannot be the first guild on server anymore.

    - Guild will be cleansed from inactive members when the headstart is over. I will give everyone 7 days to login and join the guild and show their name on teamspeak. If not, they are out. period.

    - Guild Rules will go info effect for cupcake members as soon as the headstart is there and who have the headstart. That means people should start coming online on teamspeak and do stuff together! I would highly
    advice to get a group through our discord and level up together! Monday evening i will level up and create the guild. READ THE RULES of the guild again before headstart please.

    - Do not worry about class. I always tell people to play what they like to play.

    Thanks again for coming and see you soon!


Discussion in 'Revelation News & Announcements' started by Konijntje, Feb 19, 2017.