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By Konijntje on Mar 12, 2017 at 9:26 PM
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    Thanks all for coming to the guild meeting today!

    These points were announced and discussed:

    ---NEW GUILD RULE---
    People need to start donating guild money. We will set 20k per week as a minimum that will be a requirement wich can be easily made by the story quest alone, or just by some side crafting etc.

    Furthermore please donate to Konijntje by post for money that will be used for events.


    I have given everyone quite some time to learn the game mechanics and to take your time to do everything you want. Yet, we are a semi-hardcore guild so i DO want to start being a bit more serious in the future.
    With this i want to ask people to start reading guides if they are still unclear of certain aspects of the game and ask on teamspeak if they cant find out. Start getting better gear and level up.

    People need to know about the guild boosts and pro's it gives everyone, and people should know about them. Skill training can be done daily with the cultivation space. Also tower of loyalty gives pretty good free buffs every day that dont cost you anything.

    Looking for another officer has been asked for, so if any of you want to help the guild feel free to ask me for details.

    Elite/Veterans ranks of the guild. We will reward people in the future with a little elite member rank of people who we think of participate alot in the guild and add alot to cupcake thunder.

    Guild events becoming mandatory. Ninefold assault, deathmatch and siege wars in the future will be standard events we will be participating at. Teamspeak will be required as well.
    On saturday or sunday we will also try to have a event planned like pvp training, hide & seek, races etc.

    Donations to me personally for events. This will be freely available and you can decide the amount but please donate some to me every week.

    We wont ask for gear and levels yet in the following week of recruitment, but this might change soonish.

    Lastly i want to stress that if you dont know what to do, how to get better or how you get a nice nice wingset, that you should
    ASK on teamspeak. we are a social guild and we're here to help you out.

    Thanks for coming and see ya ingame!
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Discussion in 'Revelation News & Announcements' started by Konijntje, Mar 12, 2017.