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    These are the Cupcake Thunder guild rules. By reading them you acknowledge to agree that you have the ability and strength to read and understand the following text by using your eyes. you wut m8?

    - Show respect, be patient and be friendly.
    This is the core rule of the clan.

    - Be social and active with the clan.
    We expect people to join on guild quests, GVG's, events and more. Teamspeak and discord activity is also required and website use is optional. (however you DO need to check the frontpage often).

    - Will to become better.
    We help you, but dont be stubborn or giving up so quickly.

    - Listen to Konijntje and Guild Officers.
    Seriously, we won't ask difficult things and we dont intend to be a hitla 2.0.

    - Do your guild daily guild quests.
    To progress the guild, we need players to do these quests dailie. Ofcource being offline for a day or having a lazy day can be accepted sometimes.

    - Holidays are OK, but notify us.
    But do notify us when you leave for over a week in the appropiate "missing in action" forum :) we kick after 10 days of inactivity if we did not hear anything, however those members(if there is place) can rejoin without a chat.

    - Check the website homepage once per day/2 days.
    It contains news about events we plan, game update news and guild announcements. Stay up-to-date and check our website homepage once per day.

    - Use the same character name as ingame on teamspeak:
    This way it's much better to see for everyone who is who.

    - Progress with gear and level.
    We want players to be able to compete as well in end-game PvP. Losing is OK, but i want players to try their best.

    So many people leave guilds out of nowwhere with officers and leaders being in the dark about it. You can have private discussions with us that won't be disclosed to others. But PLEASE: communicate with us! We're a social guild after all :) We want to talk about problems and help you solve them. Obviously we cannot enforce this rule since it's something that can be personal but yeah...
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