[Apr 17, 2016] [Event] Guild Meeting! (Black Desert)

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By Konijntje on Apr 11, 2016 at 4:10 PM
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    Upcoming Sunday at 20:00 CET i would like to have a guild meeting, subjects that will be discussed are not certain yet, but most likely we will have some things to say about guild missions and the future focus of the guild.

    See you then!
[Event] Guild Meeting!
Posted By Konijntje

Black Desert

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Discussion in 'BD News & Announcements' started by Konijntje, Apr 11, 2016.

    1. Haiko
      Could you add the following to the list of topics:

      • Guildquest member attendence rate.
      • a way for members to see these scores.
      • Hard numbers for attendence rates
      • Guildmission diversity (if people are free to choose they might be more encouraged to partake).
      • The idea of democratic voting for activities compared to Totalitarianism rule. (which it sometimes feels like)
      • The possibility to activate activity salary rewards.
      Current state of affairs regarding this as example:

      For guild missions in mediah I'm currently risking:
      • Breaking my crystals. (which sucks when you have multiple 200k crystals)
      • Losing XP= 1% per death
      • repair costs =8k
      • 60 large health pots per half hour = 3k
      14k a day doesn't sound very rewarding as a salary for those who actually partake in guildmissions.
      The risk is much higher than the low reward it gives the participants.
      Why would anyone risk this, when they can make 300K+ with other activities which are a lot safer?

      The current counter statement to this is currently:
      • We need to prepare for sieges
      • Its for the benefit of the guild
      I think we can perhaps discuss this to make it more interesting.
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    2. Konijntje
      Sure, i will bring this up on sunday.